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The Lowdown on Commercial Loans...

We specialize in rental properties for real estate investors wanting a long-term loan for larger properties with 5+ units.  We help those wanting to purchase a new rental property or for a refinance.  Our goal is to help investors grow their rental portfolio, and increase their passive income with long-term rentals.  We also can lend on Multi-Family properties, storage units, storefronts, mixed-use, and more!!!  No employment history or tax statements needed.  The loan is based solely on the property itself and the numbers.

  • Term: 30 years fixed, ARM, interest only options
  • Purchase or Refinance
  • Max LTV for purchase is 80% LTV
  • Max LTV Rate/Term Refinance is 80% LTV
  • Max LTV Cash Out up to 75% LTV for solid credit
  • Loan Amounts from $100k-$50M
  • DSCR minimum 1.00%
  • Financing for 5+ units, storage units, commercial, and mixed-use properties
  • No tax Returns or DTI calculations
  • Minimum credit score at 620+
  • Seasoning to refinance 3+ months
  • No rural properties!